Flags and Symbols

The Moo Duk Kwan Flag:

This flag, called Kwan Gi, symbolises the aims and ideas which are central for our training. It represents the organisation and the style of the Martial Art Soo Bahk Do. It has a great importance for both the physical and philosophical training.

Fist: Golden colour. The Soo Bahk Do fist stands for justice, honour and unity, which gives force.

Green leaves: The 14 leaves on each side of the ring symbolise the 14 provinces of Korea. They stand for peace as well.

Red berries: They represent the 6 big continents and fruitful results of the training. The colour comes from the Yang (to be found next to the Um on the Korean flag).

Scroll: The blue of the scroll in the lower part of the flag stands for knowledge. According to the words of Grandmaster Hwang Kee every Martial Artist should also be a scholar. The colour comes from the Um (Ying).

“Tae Kook”, national flag of Southern Korea.
Characters on the blue scroll:
Left=Soo (Hand)
Right=Bahk (Punch)
Middle=Moo (fight or military): it’s composed of the characters for “stop” and “sword” or “fight”. This sign stands for the principle of Soo Bahk Do, to stop the fighting between humans and to resolve our own conflicts.