14th March - Annual General Meeting

A review on the last year and information on the new year. All members and parents are welcome.

23th May 3rd June - Gup / Dan Testing (Retesting: 14th July)

A testing to reach the next higher rank.

14th July - Last training before holidays – fun class

A fun class before the summer holidays.

21th July–27th August - Euro Summercamp

International Camp with many guests from all over the world including Kwan Ja Nim H.C Hwang. This event is always the peak of a Soo Bahk Do year.

September - Powermonth

In the month of September, all students can earn points showing good spirit and engagement.

3rd September - Family outing

At this event, all members and their families are welcomed to go on a trip together. It will be hiking and having lunch together.

27th/28th September - Sleep Over

train and sleep at the Do Jang with a special guest.

11th November - Open House Presentation

Time to show some skills in a demonstration.

21th/25th November - Gup / Dan Testing (Retesting 6th December)

A testing to reach the next higher rank.

8th December - Santa Claus Championship

A tournament for the students to show their skills and win prices.
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